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Hi dolls!

I was planning on doing another post about a product but the lighting was awful all day because of the weather so I couldn’t take pictures. That’s why I chose to do a tag instead! Enjoy!
Ik was van plan nog een artikel te maken over een products, maar de belichting wou door het slechte weer niet echt meewerken waardoor ik dus geen foto’s kon nemen. Daarom heb ik deze keer voor een tag gekozen! Ik heb het deze keer enkel in het Engels gedaan omdat het anders heel erg onoverzichtelijk en rommelig werd. Veel leesplezier!

Blush or bronzer – Definitely blush! I don’t wear bronzer that often just because I think blush and bronzer are a bit to much for me.
Lipgloss or lipstick – Lipstick is something I only recently started loving. I always used lip balm before, but now I’m a total lipstick junkie. 😀
Eyeliner or mascara – I never use eyeliner, so this is another easy one: mascara!
Foundation or concealer – I don’t always use concealer just because I only want a light to medium coverage most of the time. That’s why I use light foundations.
Neutral or colorful – Colorful eyeshadows are a bit out of my comfort zone, so I like to use neutral colors on an everyday basis.
Pressed eyeshadow or pigment – This is a hard one. I like both, but I don’t own a lot of pigments so I guess I’ll go for pressed eyeshadows.
Brushes or sponges – The sponges I tried so far (from ebay) aren’t working that well so for now I only like to use brushes. I would like to try the beauty blender or the real techniques sponge though. 

OPI or China Glaze – I’ve never tried both of them so I can’t really say which one I like best, but if I would go buy one of these brands, I think I would go for China Glaze. No idea why actually. :p
Long or short – Shorter nails are so much more easy so that’s usually what I have (another reason is that mine tend to be weak). However I’m growing my nails right now and I’ve been loving the medium long length, so I’ll go for long. It’s a bit more feminine when you have short fingers like I do. 😀
Acrylics or naturalNatural! I had acrylics a few times and my nails got so damaged! 
Bright or dark colors – That depends. I like bright nails in summer but for now – fall and winter – I like the darker polishes too!
With or without nail art – I usually am too impatient to do nail art, so without

Parfume or body mist – This is another hard one! I think I’ll go for body mist. I do love perfume but at the moment I own more body mists (probably because I like those more in the summer).
Lotion or body butter – I only recently started using body butter and I’ve fallen in love ever since! 
Body wash or soapBody wash, just because I think it’s easier and more hygienic. 
Lush or The Body Shop – Another hard one. I’m really addicted to The Body Shop. However, when I’m near a Lush store, I can’t resist! The fact that I can’t get Lush whenever I want because there’s no Lush close to me probably makes me want it even more than The Body Shop. :p

Curls or straightStraight. Curls just don’t work for me. I love curls, don’t get me wrong, but they just don’t want to stay in my hair.
Top knot or ponytailTop knots suit my face a lot better in my opinion and I wear these all the time, so this was another easy one.
Hairspray or hair gel – I never use hair gel just because I don’t know what I should use it for. :p I don’t use hairspray that often either, but I do use it occasionally. 
Long or short – This isn’t easy for me to choose because I switch up the length of my hair all the time. I usually have a medium length, in summer I like shorter hair and in winter I like it a little longer. However I don’t like it to be very long so I’ll go for short!
Light or dark – My hair is naturally pretty blonde, so definitely light.
Down or upUp! My hair just doesn’t like me I think. :p When I wear it down it just fall flat to my head and I get fed up with it so after a few hours of wearing it down, I usually put it up anyway.

Hope you enjoyed! I tagged some people on twitter, but please feel free to da this tag too! Leave the link if you do, I would love to read it! ^^

Sweet. Sparkly. Serendipity.

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