The Day Zero Project: 101 goals in 1001 days!

Hi Lovelies!

I love establishing goals and having some things ‘live’ towards. So when I saw these posts about “The Day Zero Project: 101 goals in 1001 days” all over the internet I decided to do one myself! To make it easier for myself I made a page on my blog for this project so to keep up with my progress, go here!
Ik hou ervan om doelen op te stellen en iets te hebben om naartoe te ‘leven’. Dus toen ik overal op het internet artikels vond over “The Day Zero Project: 101 doelen in 1001 dagen”, wou ik dit heel graag zelf ook doen! Om het voor mezelf iets makkelijker te maken heb ik over dit project ook een aparte pagina gemaakt, dus als je mijn vooruitgang wil opvolgen, klik dan hier even!

Start Date: Monday, November 11, 2013
End Date:  Monday, August 8, 2016 

Crossed goals = Done!
Goals in bold = I’m on it!
Doorstreepte doelen = Volbracht!
Vetgedrukte doelen = Ermee bezig!

These are my goals for the next 1001 days!
Dit zijn mijn doelen voor de komende 1001 dagen!

Related to the project
001. Make a “101 goals in 1001 days” blogpost
002. Make a separate “Day Zero Project” page to keep up with my goals
003. Get a notebook for these goals and write them down
004. Put 5€ in my piggy bank for every goal I reach (0/101)
005. Blog about at least 50 of the reached goal (or multiple goals in 1 blogpost) and link them (0/50

(Social) Life / Home
006. Surprise the boyfriend 5 times (0/5)
007. Get together at least 10 times with my 3 best friends (girls’ night) (0/10)
008. Get our own place
009. Get engaged (Depends on the boyfriend! :p)
010. Arrange a dinner for my best friends
011. Make a 3 course dinner for the boyfriend
012. Have a bottle of wine with the boyfriend for no reason
013. Invite parents for diner at our new place once we live there
014. Invite best friends for dinner at our new place once we live there
015. Invite brother and his girlfriend at our new place once we live there
016. Don’t watch tv/series/videos on laptop for 24 hours
017. Organize my makeup properly
018. For one week: Go to bed at 11pm and get up at 7am
019. Don’t talk for 24 hours
020. Spend 1 new years eve cosy at home
021. Clean out my closet
022. Unfriend non-friends on Facebook

023. Reach my target weight (56kg = -10kg) (read about the progress in my weight loss posts(0/10kg)
024. Go to aquagym at least 10 times (0/10)
025. Don’t drink soda’s for a month (0/30)
026. Don’t eat fast food for a month (0/30)
027. Don’t eat meat for a month (0/30)
028. Don’t eat sweets (cookies, candy, …) for a week (0/7)
029. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day for a month (0/30)
030. Drink a cup of green tea a day for a month (hot or homemade green iced tea) (0/30)
031. No alcohol for at least a month (0/30)
032. Have 25 no-makeup days (0/25)
033. Count calories for a week and write about it in a “Weight Loss Wednesday” or “What I Ate Wednesday” post (0/7)
034. Donate blood
035. Donate hair to make wigs
036. Go to the eye doctor 
037. Don’t use the microwave for a week

038. Write at least 500 blog posts (0/500)
039. Write 100 reviews (0/100)
040. Meet 3 beauty bloggers in real life (0/3)
041. Tell at least 5 people that are close to me about my blog (0/5)
042. Do 5 giveaways (0/5)
043. Do a collab giveaway
044. Go to a blog event
045. Make a Facebook page for my blog
046. Take part of a blogger challenge hosted by another blogger
047. Make a blog planner using templates from another blogger or design my own
048. Do a spending ban for a month (and succeed!)
049. Do a swap with another beauty blogger
050. Do a makeup collection post/video
051. Do a nail polish collection post/video

Education and work
052. Learn myself how to use photoshop properly
053. Organize my laptop

054. Spend 25 complete days (9am to 5pm) in the library studying in stead of home (not in exam periods) (0/25)
055. Don’t miss a single class for a month
056. Finish my thesis
057. Graduate
058. Have a graduation party
059. Get my first job

060. Put 5€ in my piggy bank every week (0/143)
061. Buy scratch cards for 5€ every month and if I win something, put it in the piggy bank (0/33)
062. Open a savings account with the boyfriend
063. Save x€ a month once we have that account (Still have to decide together how much) (0/?)

Fun and Travel
064. Watch 50 new movies (0/50)
065. Paint my nails a different color every day for a month (0/30)
066. Pamper myself with at least 20 face masks (0/20)
067. Go to the cinema at least 5 times (0/5)
068. Throw 2 dice 101 times and put 1€ in my piggy bank for every 6 I throw (Max. 1 throw per day) (0/101)
069. Go diving or indoor rock climbing
070. Go geocaching for the first time
071. Go to a spa
072. Follow a makeup course/workshop
073. Learn how to speak Italian (or at least a little)
074. Visit an amusement park
075. Go on a trip with friends/cousins only (girls only)
076. Go to a zoo
077. Win something (giveaway, scratch card, …) worth at least 10€
078. Read a book
079. Visit a country where I haven’t been yet
080. Release a wish balloon into the sky with the boyfriend
081. Make a picture of Pucki (my dog) next to or under the christmas tree
082. Movie night for myself
083. Visit “Het Gravensteen” (a castle) in Gent 
084. Spend one whole day in PJ’s
085. Make a snow angel 
086. Buy a “Wreck This Journal” and complete it
087. Visit Amsterdam

Things to buy
088. Get 3 new perfumes (0/3)
089. Get a gift for my 3 best friends and my boyfriend for no reason (0/4)
090. Get a clarisonic
091. Buy a quality camera for my blog
092. Spend my Amazon gift card
093. Try out the new frozen yoghurt place in Leuven
094. Get a McFlurry to reward myself after completing one of these goals
095. Get my first smoothie from Coffee College (a new coffee bar in Leuven, but I don’t drink coffee :p)
096. Buy decent makeup brushes
097. Buy a decent agenda (size A5)
098. Get a Mac lipstick
099. Get a new fancy watch
100. Get a new phone
101. Buy something nice with the 500€ I saved for reaching the past 100 goals or put it on my savings account

Sweet. Sparkly. Serendipity.

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